Maximize Your Marketing Results

Minimize the stress and overwhelm

So Many Options, So Little Time

Marketing technology and techniques change quickly

It can be difficult to keep up with all the trends and tools in social media marketing.  Platforms that are hot today are forgotten tomorrow.  One recent example of a platform that had a meteoric rise to fame and seemed to become old news overnight is Clubhouse, the audio app.

People that are virtually unknown with no formal credentials can become influencers in a very short time. 

It is hard to know where to invest your time and money. It can be daunting.  

My four step process is designed to help clients overcome the overwhelm and create a marketing plan that maximizes results and minimize costs.

Evaluate and Analyze

We'll look at what you have done to market your business and define realistic goals. We'll also determine if we can reuse and repurpose any existing content you have which will save you time and money.

Strategize and Plan

We'll evaluate available options and budgets to create a strategy and plan that maximizes results without breaking the bank.

Test, Analyze and Adjust

Now more than ever testing is critical. All of the major social platforms and Google have lost their ability to track a large portion of the population due to Apple's IOS privacy update. Testing using low cost objectives will ensure a successful and more profitable roll-out.

Roll Out, Analyze and Adjust

Too many marketers rest on their laurels when their strategy produces results. This is an unfortunate mistake because consumer behavior, consumer preferences, technology and techniques are constantly changing. We'll use analytics and performance to make sure your marketing plan is adjusted and refreshed when needed.


Done with You

This is a perfect option for companies and individuals that have some familiarity with social media marketing and advertising, but need help creating a strategy that produces results and optimizes efficiency.

Done for You

If you're ready to hand off all of your marketing efforts, we are ready to help. We can free you of the time consuming day to day tasks of social media marketing. We'll keep you involved in the fun stuff of planning and strategy.

Marketing Plans

Perhaps your organization needs to present a marketing plan to senior management or a board of directors, but you are not sure how to create one. We've got you covered!
We can write a comprehensive marketing plan designed for your business that will please even the most skeptical naysayers that you need to convince.

Team Training

Most companies have social media talent right under their nose. It often makes sense both strategically and economically to utilize internal staff, but only if everyone is on the same page. We can train your staff on how to create a high performance strategy and implementaion plan using the most cost effective technologies.

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I Deliver Measurable Results

Vanity metrics like huge followings are a thing of the past

Too many business people focus on getting followers. Followers do not always translate into sales.

If you are in business to create revenue and profits, vanity metrics like huge followings can actually hurt your business.

I’ll show you how to focus on what matters to build a loyal customer base and a profit generating strategy.


Out of 5

Client Reviews


Sheila has always been easy to work with and knowledgeable

Sheila, Thank you for all your help. We landed our first distributor in Singapore this week and received an order for 1000 units which is a huge order! 

I couldn’t have done it without you! Your Real Clear Marketing Strategies are incredible. So easy to follow and understand.

Janet Ryan, SpectraSpray

Sheila has always been easy to work with and knowledgeable

I have known Sheila for over 15 years, I have always found her to be straightforward, honest and professional. Sheila has always been easy to work with, knowledgeable, pleasant, and has a fantastic personality that allows her to engage with peers and customers in the best way possible

Ed Conrad, CMS

She always received stellar reviews.

As President of the Board of Trustees for the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship, I have asked Sheila to speak to groups of entrepreneurs with an evaluation of their social media marketing materials. She always received stellar reviews.

Alyce Hackett, Lifestyle Resources

Sheila’s advice is spot on

Taking Sheila’s digital, social media marketing courses has opened up a world of possibilities. From conceiving and building a website, to writing content and creating videos, Sheila’s advice is spot on!

Marc Zazeela, The eCommerce Guy