How I Can Help

What I Do

I show businesses how to monetize social media to find new prospects and build a loyal customer base.

Done with You

This is a perfect option for companies and individuals that have some familiarity with social media marketing and advertising, but need help creating a strategy that produces results and optimizes efficiency.

Done for You

If you're ready to hand off all of your marketing efforts, we are ready to help. We can free you of the time consuming day to day tasks of social media marketing. We'll keep you involved in the fun stuff of planning and strategy.

Marketing Plans

Perhaps your organization needs to present a marketing plan to senior management or a board of directors, but you are not sure how to create one. We've got you covered! We can write a comprehensive marketing plan designed for your business that will please even the most skeptical naysayers that you need to convince.

Team Training

Most companies have social media talent right under their nose. It often makes sense both strategically and economically to utilize internal staff, but only if everyone is on the same page. We can train your staff on how to create a high performance strategy and implementaion plan using the most cost effective technologies.